“b-good care” products meet the consumer!

B-good care products, which provide a new care experience for everyone with their natural and clean ingredients, take their place in pharmacies…


By adding the b-good care to its care line for the whole family, mainly mother-baby, Çapa Medikal, a pioneer in delivering quality medical products to every region of Turkey, with its 35 years of deep-rooted healthcare expertise, entered the cosmetics industry, thanks to the support and trust received from the consumers for the b-good brand, which it established with the slogan “be good to yourself”.

The new b-good care brand products under the b-good family, which produces with high-level production technology and high hygiene standards, met with pharmacists for the first time at the launch event. The b-good care product family, which does not contain paraben, paraffin, perfume, silicone, SLS & SLES, alcohol, gluten and colorants, makes a difference with its vegan, not tested on animals, natural, harmless and clean ingredients. All of the products show a rapid and deep effect thanks to the patented component containing black elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) extract, which is developed with encapsulation technology and has a strong antioxidant effect.

There are four different dermatologically tested series developed specifically for skin, hair and body care needs for mothers, babies, children and adults, focusing on the philosophy of naturalness and effectiveness. b-babyTM & b-motherTM offers sensitive care for different needs with its wide range of products suitable for babies, children, expectant mothers and mothers, from nipple cream to diaper rash cream, from baby body milk to atopic skin. B-sunTM sunscreens with broad spectrum, organic and mineral filters for babies, children and adults provide maximum protection against the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays on the skin. While vegan and natural-content b-dentalTM toothpastes sweetened with 100% herbal and natural stevia promise effective and sensitive oral and dental care that babies and children need at all ages, high-performance personal care series b-skincareTM products contain plant extracts and herbal extracts as well as patented elderberry content. It provides moisturizing, protective, restorative and soothing care to the skin with its repair cream consisting of natural oils, arnica montana gel, body cream and shower oil.

You can explore high performance b-good care products bringing the whole family together with a brand-new care experience with its natural and clean ingredients, all of which have vegan formulations in pharmacies.