A Unique “First” Product from Wellcare; Vitamin C + Selenium


Wellcare, which has been growing with its firsts and innovations brought to the field of Consumer Health, introduced Vitamin C + Selenium, its new product that helps boos the immune system, to individuals who care about their health. Vitamin C + Selenium effervescent tablet, which is also a first in the sector thanks to its unique contents, has been developed as a product that can be used safely by all age groups including 11 years of age and over.


October, 2020 – Wellcare continues to grow in the Consumer Healthcare, introducing new and first products to the industry. Vitamin C + Selenium, which helps boost the immune system, comes into use for individuals who care about their health with its unique contents. WELLCARE Vitamin C + Selenium is offered for sale in pharmacies in Turkey’s one and only effervescent tablet form containing vitamin C and Selenium.

Launched with the slogan PROTECT YOURSELF, BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY, Wellcare Vitamin C + Selenium contains 1000 mg Vitamin C and 200 mcg selenium. Vitamin C + Selenium effervescent tablet, which is orange and lime flavored and does not contain artificial sweeteners, is an unprecedented product that children and adults can take safely with its good taste and easy drinking. It is recommended to use them as 1 effervescent tablet per day with 200 ml (a glass of water) for children over 11 years of age and adults.

Wellcare lists who should use it as follows:

  • Adults who care about their health,
  • Individuals who want to boost their weak immune system,
  • Individuals who cannot keep a balanced and adequate diet and need supplements,
  • Individuals who want to boost their immune system, especially during the mid seasons and epidemic periods,
  • Individuals whose immune system gets weaker with advancing age,
  • Individuals falling down to the risky group during the pandemic (those with chronic diseases, people aged 65 and over, those who have to frequently enter crowded environments, those with low immune system…)
  • Individuals who want to spend the winter season without getting sick.


When should Wellcare Vitamin C + Selenium be taken?

  • Every day to protect against viruses and boost immunity,
  • During the winter and mid seasons,
  • In periods exposed to malnutrition, undernourishment and feeling of fatigue as supplement,
  • Commonly, when daily routines are disturbed and lifestyle becomes irregular,
  • Before and during travel.