A new name for Chiesi Türkiye


Öyküm Kırçuvaloğlu Erdem was appointed as the Human Resources Director of Chiesi Türkiye.

Öyküm Kırçuvaloğlu Erdem, who stepped into her professional career in 2003 with different roles she assumed in the education and banking sectors, she transferred to the chemical industry and worked as a Human Resources Specialist at Dow Corning (Dow Chemicals) as of 2008. Moving to the pharmaceutical industry with Allergan Pharmaceuticals in 2014, Erdem served as Human Resources Business Partner and Human Resources Manager, respectively. With the AbbVie – Allergan merger, she took her place on the management team of Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company, as the Human Resources Manager.

During her 18 years of experience in different sectors, Öyküm Kırçuvaloğlu Erdem has successfully carried out many integration, cultural structuring and change management processes. Öyküm Kırçuvaloğlu Erdem will continue her career as Human Resources Director at Chiesi Türkiye under the umbrella of Chiesi Farmaceutici, an Italian-based international research-focused pharmaceutical company group operating in 30 countries with more than 85 years of experience.